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On January 20, Artist Natalia Grigorieva received the International Botticelli Prize 2024 in the banqueting hall of the Palazzo Borghese in Florence (Italy), in the presence of famous artists, art critics, gallery owners and collectors.

This prestigious prize is awarded once a year to contemporary artists whose works are selected by curators Salvatore and Francesco Saverio Russo.

The prize is awarded to authors who have distinguished themselves through their artistic and stylistic work. It is one of the most prestigious contemporary art prizes, awarded in the heart of Florence, and symbolizes a serious and successful career for any artist.

In addition to the prize itself, each author receives the CONTEMPORARY Celebrity Masters Vol. VII, where in the section dedicated to the "International Botticelli Prize" is published a full page of his or her work, which is also published in the official "International Botticelli Prize" event catalog.

On the day of the event, the works of all the nominees are projected onto a large screen at the entrance to the Palazzo Borghese.


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