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Online Art Course due the Quarantine

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Due to this new situation with the coronavirus that is extremely unpleasant for everyone and, as a consequence, the quarantine in the world, I also wanted to make my small contribution to distract those who are now must to stay at home, I offered my educating workshops in a new online live format.

Everyone chooses for drawing what he likes in his interior (or draws his portrait!) and composes, shades, etc. with my “verbal” help only.

It’s an amazing experience for me, because usually I sit down near their work (my students know it very well!), I compose quickly the space of sheet and I direct his work further. But in this format it’s impossible! I need to explain and “draw” only with words! But also I demonstrate to my students my own drawing that I make simultaneously with them and formulate as clearly as possible to everyone his task. Everyone gets a very interesting result according to its capabilities at the end of lesson but with my little “refinements”!

The online master class looks like this (see the picture), but the participants can be live everywhere in the World. Today, for example, participated: Russia, the USA and Luxembourg! All the students drew with a simple pencil with enthusiasm (the most boring lesson is an academic drawing!).

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