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Solo-exhibition of Natalia Grigorieva in Gostiny Dvor (Moscow) TRUTH OF THE WORLD

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Solo-exhibition by Natalia Grigorieva in Gostiny Dvor (Moscow) 

To the 50th anniversary of the master

The very idea of seeking is offensive for an artist. It is like picking mushrooms in the forest. They may be found, or may not. In my opinion, the artist does not act as a seeker at all, he testifies to the truth, to his own truth to the world. I reject the idea of experiment, search in the field of art. Any search in this area, everything that is pompously called "avant-garde" is just a lie ... "

Andrey Tarkovsky


11.05. - 24.05.2022


12.05 at 18:00 - presentation of the exhibition