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Solo exhibition of Natalia Grigorieva "Miracle of colors" 2020

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Online presentation of Natalia Grigorieva's solo exhibition
"Miracle of Colors" (painting, drawing).



The exhibition was supposed to take place in Luxembourg in the spring of this year, but due to the outbreak of the pandemic, it was first postponed to autumn, but in the end it took place only in an online format.

This exhibition is a continuation of the project "Blurred Horizons", which took place in Luxembourg in 2016 and was very well received by the public.

The exposition consists of works (2018-2020) made in Russia, Luxembourg and Lithuania, as well as works created during the stay at the Cité internationale des arts in Paris in 2019.

Press release for the exhibition: “Natalia Grigorieva - painter, graphic artist, book designer, teacher. Lives and works in Moscow. The author of a fundamentally new method of teaching drawing and painting. For the last 20 years, he has been working on the task of conveying the light and color of the name of the place where he works as emotionally accurately as possible. The theme, which occupied the main place in the work of the French impressionists, worries this Russian author too. True, the peculiarity of her works is that, having set herself an impressionistic task, she solves it, relying not only on the historical experience of the Russian school of painting, but also on the airy-coloristic transfer of nature by the French impressionists, as well as on the contrast and rigidity in the drawing of the German expressionists, whose creativity she is fond of all his life. Such a mixture of approaches and national cultures in the development of a completely traditional task, namely, the emotional transfer of the state of nature, in Natalia's works gives a completely new and very interesting result, both in graphics and in painting“...

New art catalog (printing in Lithuania in 2019) who was published for the 45th anniversary of East-West United Bank, which has a corporate collection of works by N. Grigorieva.

Natalia Grigorieva is a current resident of the Cité internationale des arts in Paris. Broadcast by Natalia Grigorieva, April 10, 2020. History of Cité internationale des Arts:

The views of the surroundings of the city of Palanga in Lithuania, located on the Baltic Sea.

2020 year. Cancellation of two exhibitions. The beginning of the quarantine.

The project was carried out with the support of EAST-WEST United Bank in Luxembourg.