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Разнообразный и богатый опыт
Значимость этих проблем
Таким образом дальнейшее развитие различных


Painter, graphic artist, book designer, illustrator, teacher. Lives and works in Moscow, Russia.     

Representative of an ancient Moscow genus of Filippov-Polyansky-Parfentiev, the artist Natalia Grigorieva was born in 1972 in the historical Moscow district, the corner of Prechistenka street and Obukhov lane, in the 1904 building by architect Semeon Kulagin. The building became the prototype of the Dr. Preobrazhensky’ home in Michail Bulgakov's (1891-1940) epic novel "The Dog's Heart".

Graduated from The Moscow Polygraph Institute, The Institute de Langue et Civilization Françaises, The Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti, The Cite International des Arts, The Mendocino Art Center, California, USA. Field of study: graphic design and book illustration.

More than 60 solo and group exhibitions in Russia and worldwide. Designer of more than 200 books. Member of the Moscow Artists Union. Grand Concours International Award winner. The developer and organizer of the unique art courses, private classes and plein airs.

Participant of international charity auctions and programs: "Operation HOPE" ("Operation HOPE"), International Charity Fair in Luxembourg, "White Dreams", Lithuania, " Long Live to Children!"Moscow, Russia.

Natalia Grigorieva's works held in collections of Fund of Culture of Russia, Polenovo Museum, in private and corporate collections in Russia, England, Austria, Luxembourg, USA, France, Italy, Israel, Finland, Lithuania, South Korea, Japan.

“Natalia Grigorieva is a Muscovite and her art is undoubtedly rooted in Moscow poetics and cultural traditions … Her style is distinguished by a bright, perfectly measurable space, the feeling of a beautiful world generously blooming in a transparent and pure free-air environment, clear-cut shapes, plasticity of every motif…” Anatoly Kantor, arthistorian, Honored Art Workerof the Russian Federation, President of the Russian Academy of Art Critics

“I have an impression that Grigorieva is learning to expe¬rience life "in terms of painting". To experience her visual as well as historical and cultural impressions without simply illustrating the lat¬ter, naturally, but concealing them in her per¬ception of nature ("as the morning mist con¬ceals the fields…" to quote a poet.) It seems that the painting “dough” her works are made out of, preserves a physical stamp of her emo¬tions, her breathlessness, changed moods, heartbeat, her raptures, subconscious anxieties and their overcoming…” Alexander Borovsky, MA art history, Head of Modern Trends Dept., The State Russian Museum, St. Petersburg, Russia

“One of the brightest areas in the artists creative work is her book graphics, an extremely painstaking unrewarding work that poorly compares even at a purely visual level to painting, “the most divine of all arts” (Leonardo da Vinci). The young artist’s paintings differ tangibly from her graphic works, in the first place, in terms of spirit. But it is not a result of the life and day-to-day chores of a spiritually split artist tired of struggling to find a “grand style” in art or simply a job. It undoubtedly reflects the artist’s character, uniqueness of her creative imagination, her striving for the diversity of creative solutions and poetic experiences. On the whole, Natalia Grigorieva’s paintings and graphics can be characterized as a lyrical and poetic personification of the world around us …” Olga Baldina, Art Critic

“What is so captivating about Natalia Grogorieva’s works? The viewer discovered how a young talent was delighted by the world around it. The artist gained inner vision, and not being fully aware of that new gift generously shared it with the viewer helping him to recreate together with her the world around them. This state was best of all expressed by A.Pushkin in his letter to N. Raevsky: “My soul has expanded, I feel I can create”. In her canvases her eye catches the faces of the people she loves and nature she loves just as much… The artist reached the stage of true creativity, when an artist, feeling a creator, seemed to recreate the world around him from scratch" Elena Gryaznova, Art Critic, Member of the Artists Union of Russia