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Graphic Art

"... Natalia Grigorieva paints great watercolors - real, blurred and very expressive. Natalia is a unique watercolor technique master, kind of Arthur Fonvizin (1882-1973) reminiscent. The artist pursues preservation of watercolors transparency to reveal and emphasize the nature of water paint, white sheet, translucent under a layer of pigment, draughts between color spots, included in the overall rhythm of the image. Early watercolours depicting flowers, echo of the symbolism of art and music “Blue roses”. In the Belgian watercolors of 2007, Natalia uses a range of faded, pearl pink and bluish tones, trying to convey the impression of the North Sea and Northern nature as accurately as possible. These large watercolors attract by impressionism and maestria, a delicate pearl gamma makes them extremely aesthetic ..."- Alexander Borovsky, MA of art history, head of the Department of modern trends at the State Russian Museum, St. Petersburg, Russia.


In Belgian watercolors of 2007, Natalia uses a gamut of faded, pearly pink, bluish tones, trying as accurately as possible to convey the impression of the northern sea and nature. These large watercolors attract impressionism and maestrias of the image, delicate gamut of pearly colors makes them extraordinarily aesthetic ... ", Elena Gryaznova, art critic, the member of the Union of Artists of Russia.