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Natalia Grigorieva creates "in-depth painting space" on plane surface. As a rule, horizon is not clear and visible. Expression of space on plane surface, transfers of big volumes, "interference of spaces": "the sea and the sky", "the sky and the open horizon." Large forms - watercolors, pastels, mixed techniques - all devoted to "relationship" between heaven and earth. Graphic works - pastels, medium-sized watercolors -  devoted to the full-scale drawing of sea and the reflection of sky in different shades of time and weather.

Kumiyo Noe, Crescenza and Vito Palumbo’ works related to understanding and transmission of water on plane surface. Kumiyo Noe - in definite Japanese style of art, the Luxembourgers of Italian origin Crescenza and Vito Palumbo - in abstract forms, wishing us to anticipate the Earth we were pleased to be born on, to see familiar landscapes in a new way.  

At the official opening of the exhibition, greeting guests, Natalia Grigorieva recalled “Blurred Horizons” insight story. For the first time the artist came to Luxembourg in 2003 with a solo exhibition. She thought that this fabulously beautiful city looks like a Mediterranean resort and on the horizon, one can see a sea that never existed in Luxembourg. Therefore, came the idea to "bring" a Sea to Luxembourg – the sea born in the artist’ imagination. This idea was supported and remarkably revealed by colleges Kumiyo Noe, Crescenza and Vito Palumbo.

Thanking the Ambassador of the Russian Federation in Luxembourg, Mr. Sorokin VA and Ambassador of Japan to Luxembourg Mr. Shizhendzi Suzuki, representatives of the sponsor of the East-West United Bank project - Managing Director of Mr. Pchelintsev SA, Ms. Anna Radishevskaya, Head of the Rossotrudnichestvo Representative Office in Luxembourg Mr. V. Sokolov. and his spouse, in conclusion Natalia Grigorieva noted: "The naming “Blurred Horizons” is not only about living nature; I sincerely hope that" this international project is our small step towards "blurred" borders between people and states, joint effort to make our world more perfect ... "